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"Welcome to the fascinating hills of Rwesero
where you will experience real
Rwandese village life"

We see our mission in promoting sustainable local development and strengthening communities in order to improve the living conditions and quality of life for all peoples living in Rwesero village.

We want to use tourism as a tool to combine those areas of work and as a bridge to facilitate projects in order to promote local community development. Through our program we want to make the potentials and opportunities work for building up a sustainable and community based tourism in Rwesero area. We want to set a special focus on interaction and exchange between local people and visitors.

Community projects
Art Promotion - To enable youth with career aspirations in the arts to reach new levels of artistic achievement and professionalism in their areas of expertise
Housing – Helping the local community to repair their homes or build new homes, as the houses they are living in currently are in bad condition
Volunteers for Hospitals and Schools – Volunteers can offer various services ranging from professional child care to teaching classes, volunteering at nearby local clinics and sponsorship programmes
Agriculture and Gender Development - Agricultural demonstrations where women practice and experiment with ecological farming and nature protection, and where they can produce food for their own families. The trained women act as multipliers in their communities. With the communities being involved in conservation, we promote responsible tourism in Rwanda
Community Based Water Resource Management - We enable the local community to get clean and purified water from Lake Muhazi, by creating and strengthening the community to manage water distribution systems and conduct a Public Awareness program, thus conserving water catchment areas

Community Based Tourism
Village Walk – short walks around local villages to learn more of Rwandese life which allows you to learn more of how they live, which may also includes some market walk
Banana Bark Weaving – A women's association which concentrates on weaving different things i.e. mats, baskets, etc., from banana tree bark. You will have an opportunity to learn how weaving is done, and get some of your choice as souvenirs
Cooking Lessons – Visit to a local Rwandese homestead and get in the kitchen to learn more of their cooking methods; you will have an opportunity to participate and taste the food
Banana Beer Production – A visit to the people who brew banana beer - see and learn the process used in the production, have a taste of the beer after participating in the production
Islands – take a canoe to explore nearby islands – optional fishing activity if you wish
Local Home Stay – Visit a Rwandese family and participate in their daily life to seehow they live their daily lives. Spend a night or more together and learn everything possible about Rwandans life through the family
Traditional Doctors – Learn the way they treats different illnesses, and visit their medicine gardens
Traditional Dancing and Drumming – A local cultural troop is available to entertain, learn traditional dance and their drumming
Cycling Tours – Riding through the rural Rwandese countryside, cyclists can appreciate the beautiful scenery on this route, and meet local people along the way
Local Tea factory Tour – Pay a visit to the local tea farmers; learn everything about your beloved morning tea.

Your visit will enable the local community better their position in society and let them and their dependents live a sovereign life.

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